is the domain name registrar for the following domain names (select any domain to display its registration policy):

K12.MI.US for Michigan K-12 schools
CC.MI.US for Michigan community colleges
LIB.MI.US for Michigan libraries
TEC.MI.US for Michigan vocational and technical schools
COG.MI.US for Michigan councils of government
DST.MI.US for Michigan districts
GEN.MI.US for Michigan statewide associations or general independent entities
MUS.MI.US for Michigan museums
ANN-ARBOR.MI.US for government, business and other organizations in any Michigan locality named "Ann Arbor"
EATON.MI.US for government, business and other organizations in any Michigan locality named "Eaton"
WASHTENAW.MI.US for government, business and other organizations in any Michigan locality named "Washtenaw"

How to
  • Register a New Domain Name
  • Modify a Domain Name Registration
  • Delete a Domain Name Registration

To register a new domain name, modify the registration of an existing domain name, or delete a domain name under one of the domains listed above, complete the Domain Name Registration Form and email it to Please follow carefully the application instructions; failure to provide complete and accurate information will simply result in processing delays.

When a Domain Registration Form is received, it is first checked for completeness and accuracy. Any errors found are reported back to the submitter. The submitter must then correct the errors and resubmit the application with corrections. The application is not processed unless it is found to be without error.

Once an application requesting a registration modification or deletion is found to be without error, the administrative contact listed in the current registration is notified via e-mail and is asked to authorize the modification or deletion (this notification is also sent to the technical contact listed in the current registration for modification requests). The application will be processed when any contact notified replies with an authorization. If this notification cannot be delivered to its intended correspondent because of missing or inoperative e-mailboxes in the current registration, then the application submitter will be informed, via e-mail, that his request cannot be authorized. In this situation, a letter authorizing the changes must be sent by FAX to This letter must be on organization letterhead and signed by the top executive of the organization.

How to Get in Touch With

Voice Mail 734-527-5786
FAX 734-527-5790 Registry maintains a registry of all fourth-level domains registered under the domain names listed above. You may request a search of this registry by emailing

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