CC.MI.US Domain Registration Policy

CC.MI.US Domain Registration Policy

Every publicly funded community college in the state of Michigan may register one domain name each under the CC.MI.US domain.

All domain registration requests should be made using the US Domain Template (see How to Register A Domain Name).

The CC.MI.US Domain Registrar will accept registrations for domains of the form:


    where <college> is a unique identifier for a community college (as defined in the Michigan Education Directory). <college> may contain the following characters only: 'A'-'Z', 'a'-'z', '0'-'9' and '-' (hyphen). For example, Washtenaw Community College, a community college in Ann Arbor, Michigan, may register domain WASHTENAW.CC.MI.US.

Any request to register a domain of a form other than the one described above will be denied. Any request to register more than one domain name for a community college will be denied. Any request to register a domain name for a 2-year school or college that is not publicly funded will be denied.

The primary and secondary nameservers stated on the template must be authoritative for the domain being registered at the time the template is submitted. During the registration process, these nameservers are queried for appropriate SOA and NS records; if any of the nameservers does not respond authoritatively, the registration is not completed. is a public service provided without charge by Merit Network Inc., a non-profit organization. All resources used by this service are donated by Merit. Merit receives no funding for this service from any outside source. is operated independently of every other service offered by Merit Network Inc. CC.MI.US Domain Registration Policy 24 Feb 1997